Dear Sparky,

On Christmas eve
I’ll have dinner
with the Van Pelts’
and Charlie too.

On Christmas day
I will listen
to Schroder
channel Vince Guaraldi.

On New Year’s Eve
I will flap my ears,
darn my scarf,
and dance around …

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It’s difficult.

Hard to believe.

 I mean, just open your eyes,

it is tough to get by.

Feel relaxed.

Even the proverbs say

anxiety weighs you down.

But Isaiah told us

that if you trust

you’ll no longer …

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Sound has always played a role in my performance poetry. Sound is personal to me. Poetic therapy.  Choosing where and how to begin and end a line, to me, is what makes a poem …

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It’s a silver metal and wood encased box,
wrapped with a thin white bow.
A gift from my favorite friend,
I refuse to open.
The door, she lays next to
is really her exit.

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